Karin & Pantelleria

I first came to Pantelleria in 1983, and promptly fell in love with the Island. But the time hadn’t yet come for me to abandon my life in Rome for Pantelleria.

When I came back in 1990, I wasn’t able any longer to resist the spell the gorgeous, untainted nature and the ancient “dammusi”, the typical island dwellings, had put on me.

So I thought up the ARTIS project:

The ARTIS project aims at the promotion of a meeting place for contemporary art on the Mediterranean island of Pantelleria, proposing to invite the artist to work on the island, thus consenting a flow of force and energy between artist and nature.

While reserving the utmost respect for the peculiarities of the environment, the works of art shall interact with the space surrounding them. The artists are required to use primordial elements such as stone, light, wind etc. and to use them in such a way that the items may be easily removed once the show is over.

The project is yet in the future.