Iron Clouds

Pergolas and arbours like sails in the wind, "iron clouds".
Modern sculptures furnishing outdoor areas, perfectly paired with the surrounding elements of nature. Each creation of Karin Eggers is a unique piece which blends harmoniously into the mostly unadorned, simple gardens dreaming under the relentless sun, and creates a living area which is almost undistinguishable from its natural background.

Whether in the gardens of photographer Fabrizio Ferri and actress Isabella Ferrari or in the big, park-like surroundings of the house of French actress Carole Bouquet – Karin's "sails" are to be found beside the island's most illustrious homes.

The house-cum-atelier is in Rekhale; here Karin allows herself to be inspired by the ancient stones, here she contrives and finally implements her pieces. Early on she understood that here, on the island, she would have been able to create very big structures such as to fit perfectly into the landscape. "When I first started devising my pergolas, the challenge was to put a contemporary sculptural element right beside an ancient architectural element like the dammuso house, and to make the very concept of sculpture a part of daily living."

But that was not the only challenge: "Apart from the sculptural aspect I had to adapt my pergolas to the island's natural surroundings as well as to the chief elements prevailing there, such as the wind. The steel structure and its covering mustn't "fight" those elements in any way, but become as one with them – that's why I often use palm leaves, canes or sailcloth, even if in my opinion the best "roofing material" is a living plant, maybe a climber like bougainvillea, jasmine or the traditional vine which is often seen on the island's own pergolas."

The underlying structure is made from iron, a material which she has been working with since the beginning.

The sculptures turn into airy designs, into curving space, in iron clouds.

The structure repeats the gentle lines of the cupolas and the hills, but defies the wind. The shapes recall plants, shells and the micro- and macrocosmos.

The work of Karin Eggers is unique and very personal; her structures aim to enhance and blend with the peculiarities of every single garden, at the same time meeting Karin's own – considerable – artistic requirements.